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Does Pinterest sound like a dream but feel overwhelming? We help content creators and e-commerce shops like you take back your time by crafting and implementing an effective marketing strategy that makes your business goals a reality on Pinterest. 

Pinterest Strategy Guide

We believe in the power of Pinterest so much that we’ve created a strategy guide you can use right now to begin growing your traffic…totally free! Download our guide and get the strategies you need to understand each pillar of Pinterest marketing including content workflows, weekly tasks, and monthly analytics to up-level your website traffic. Implement your Pinterest strategy for less than ONE hour per week.

    Where are you in your journey?

    if we’re being honest..

    You’re Struggling With Traffic, Leads, and Sales With Your Current Marketing Platforms

    You’re tired of constantly showing up on Instagram for minimal results so you’ve recently opened the Pinterest app to attempt to diversify your traffic,

    You’ve tried to monetize your website through blogging or Google Adsense, but you’re not quite sure how to really make this new stream of revenue consistent,

    You want more sales in your 
    e-commerce store without the constant hustle of creating content or cold pitching your products.

    Ready For The Secret On How To Stop Hustling Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

    Which means you’ll finally stop wasting money on hacks that don’t bring you the traffic you need so you can grow the business of your dreams. 

    Is Pinterest For Your Business and If You’ll See Results

    We’ve got good news: Pinterest is for you!

    Yes, if you’re a content creator or e-commerce shop owner that’s ready to end the social media hustle.

    Yes, if you’re ready to Quit your full-time job of keeping up with the constantly changing marketing trends and algorithms.

    Yes, if you’re ready to grow your email list full of dream leads that actually convert into sales.

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    Pinterest Consulting

    30-Day, 1:1 launch & consulting for advanced entrepreneurs ready to establish their target market, boost website traffic, and convert leads on Pinterest.

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    Organic Management

    Develop a traffic strategy that caters to your customers with audience research to find what your customers are looking for. We then craft your image and delivery tactics around those keywords your audience is actively looking for.

    Learn more about management

    Promoted Pin Management

    Best for business owners who are seeking to validate a product and those looking to scale their products. Promoted Pin Management have brought businesses an average of 1.3x higher ROAS than traditional search platforms and 2x more revenue than social media platforms.

    Learn more about management

    Pin Profit Academy

    Join our Pinterest membership academy designed to give you the strategy and support you need to jump start your marketing and succeed using Pinterest. Get exclusive access to our strategies, courses, and private community.

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    We’re Heather Farris & Co, And Our Love Is For

    We’re Heather Farris & Co and you guessed it…we love Pinterest, marketing, and making money using this incredible platform! We love it so much that we have helped hundreds of clients and students harness the power of Pinterest.

    We can’t wait to transform your marketing strategy, traffic, leads, and sales using our favorite platform!

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    We love Pinterest, but we’re on the ‘Gram too!

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