Manage your Pinterest clients with ease!

What if you could save hours each week on client work by simply having a system with defined processes in place for your clients?

You can if you grab my ClickUp Template for strategically managing your clients.

Send me my FREE ClickUp Templates, Please!

 "Heather, you're a whiz with ClickUp! I copied your templates & got my clients into them. I can already see I'm going to save a ton of time in the implementation phase of client work! Thank you so much!" -Susy D. 

Here's what you'll get inside this FREE ClickUp Template

  • A complete client system template for ClickUp. 
  • Finally have a place where you can outline and write up a full strategy for each client so if you ever bring a team on they can plug right in.
  • A detailed training video showing you how to use the template.
  • Finally create a solid client implementation strategy that you can get back to growing your business & not be stuck in the weeds!
I’m so ready! Give me my ClickUp Template!

Meet Your Guide

For over 5 years I have designed and implemented Pinterest strategies for my own websites and those of my clients. I have crafted custom strategies, ran ads and figured out what works on this platform.  

But for years I have been haphazardly using planners & sticky notes to keep track of client tasks. I never had a place to document client processes and have a full system to manage all of the client tasks.

Over the years I have implemented so many different methods of client management until I finally landed on the mother of all systems and it wasn't something I hacked together from 5 other people.

I'm not here to sell you crappy templates because we've all downloaded those! This template for ClickUp is designed with the Pinterest VA in mind. To better organize and manage your client workload. If you are a social media manager you can definitely adapt this to your platform.

I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t know everything but I do know how to test and tweak until I see the results that are best for my team.

If you’re ready to learn along with me then let’s get started! I'll be there to support you along the way.

I'm SOLD. Send me the Clickup Template!

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