What if you could finally make a lead magnet that actually converts people from free offers to paid offers?

You can if you grab my step by step workbook creating your first or next lead magnet.

Here's what you'll get inside this FREE Lead Magnet Workbook

  • A complete checklist of what to do once you have your lead magnet ready to bring into the world
  • Finally know how to think about what you should create based on your audiences problems, the outcomes & the gap between your free and paid offers
  • A breakdown of lead magnets, the problems, solutions & next steps for each offer
  • A list of 22 lead magnet ideas
  • BONUS: You're also getting a swipe email for delivering your free offer to your new subscribers

I'm ready, send me the lead magnet workbook!

Meet Your Guide

For over 7 years I have designed and implemented content marketing strategies for my own websites and those of my clients. I have crafted custom strategies, ran ads and figured out what works on this platform.  I've created dozens of lead magnets that have been a hit and dozens that have done exactly nothing.

Over the years I have seen what works and doesn't when it comes to growing an email list full of people who actually want to learn from me and buy my products and services.

The process I outline in this workbook is the same process I use every single time I create a lead magnet now.

I'm not here to sell you fast growth strategies that burn out after a few shifts in the marketing ecosystem. I'm here to give you the foundation of what I have seen with my own eyes to work across handfuls of niches for years.

I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t know everything but I do know how to test, read the data and tweak until I see growth.  

If you’re ready to learn along with me then let’s get started! I'll be there to support you along the way.

I'm ready, send me the lead magnet workbook!

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