Nail Down a Lead & Sales Generation Strategy on Pinterest IN 90 DAYS

Without hustling on social media 24/7

This feels familiar because you’ve been here before:

Other marketers have misinformed you by telling you that you need to run ads or be posting on Instagram every single day.

You would like to be bringing in leads & sales without having to show your face every single day.

We’re pre-warning you..

You’re no longer going to hate begging your audience to signup for your email list or products. 
They’re going to come effortlessly!

Your products will no longer sit collecting digital dust.
The sales will roll in without begging! 

With a search engine traffic strategy you are meeting your audience where they are when they are searching for you. 
Say hello to consistent DM’s validating your products!

Get Into These Numbers And The Results They’ve Produced From A Real Organic Pinterest Strategy

Our client came to us with a defined Pinterest strategy in place that was out of date. They specifically needed someone to help them with a keyword and image strategy. In only 30 days of working together developing a strategy they saw a 9.57% increase in sessions.

Our client came to us to work on organic and paid marketing for Pinterest. After 30 days of working together we saw a 23% increase in sessions on site for organic sessions. Another client came to us only wanting to maintain their current traffic and after 90 days of working together we increased her traffic by 14.10%.

Imagine what business would be like if you could...

Only spend 1-2 hours per week implementing your marketing strategy on Pinterest

Have a constant stream of leads and sales coming into your business

Spend less time and get better results with a proven framework no matter what the algorithm is doing today

Take your audience on a journey that leads them to your higher ticket offers without hard sales.


Pin Profit Mentorship

Our mentorship is a strategy session on steroids. You get our expert advice and input when we are developing your strategy based on your business goals. There is no cookie cutter strategy here. Not only that but you also get our exclusive strategy tutorial vault filled with videos, worksheets, spreadsheets & more.

Breakdown of Our Pin Profit Mentorship Program

For 90 days you’ll receive 1:1 Pinterest training, strategy, and implementation with access in a personal Google Drive Folder.


Strategy & Planning

Hammer out your strategy from start to finish.

Develop your Pinterest strategy including keywords, images, and implementation based on your business goals.

Outline your customer journey and wrap your strategy around it.

Input your content and products into your Pinterest system and training workflows.


Tailored Follow Ups

Follow up calls based on your learning style.

Implementation check for each piece of your strategy and analytics to ensure you’re on track to meet your goals.

Audit over your pins and keyword strategy to ensure you’re following best practices.

Workflow tweaks and troubleshooting over your processes and mentorship over any lingering questions you may have.


Graduation Month

Final call to solidify your strategy & launch!

Our final strategy check in including adjustments for your pins, keyword, and implementation strategy.

Additional tutorials provided as needed to ensure long-term success after mentorship.

Off-boarding and official graduation including your finalized Google Drive folder containing your full strategy.

As a Virtual Assistant, I manage Pinterest accounts for a number of clients. Talking with Heather for a 1:1 strategy call gave me so much clarity and direction. I now have a clearer idea of how to properly manage Pinterest and Tailwind as well as a posting strategy which has resulted in my clients traffic and email lists growing. Heather was so knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions as well as show me many time-saving tips and tricks. I now feel confident that I am managing my clients accounts the right way to help them gain traffic.

- Laura Kamark

Mentorship is For You if:

You want to manage your own organic Pinterest strategy in house.

You know your audience is on Pinterest & actively searching for you (if you don’t know if this is true contact us before booking).

You don’t want a cookie cutter course but strategic research & implementation advice based on your business goals.

You need help understanding the Pinterest framework and how it will attract your ideal audience.

You want custom strategy without the fluff and accountability while you implement.

Sign Up For Mentorship Today & Get Instant Access To

You’ll get access to all 5 core Pinterest pillars and training materials, including videos, worksheets, tech tutorials and templates – everything you need to create your high-converting Pinterest strategy with confidence and ease.

You get our full Pinterest System so that implementing your Pinterest strategy doesn’t take forever! Workflows, baby. 🤓

Pinterest, Tailwind & Canva tutorials so that you research, create & implement your strategy based on best practices. 🥳

Keyword research training so that you know how & where to find keywords that your audience is searching for based on their customer journey. 🕵️‍♀️

Pinterest image strategy so that you are testing images your audience is attracted to & that stand out on the platform. 🤩

Don’t Forget Your Bonuses That You’ll Have Access To Throughout Your Mentorship 

Priceless Communication Access
I’m not going to help you to create this and leave you alone for 30 days. I’m also giving you access to my Voxer or email access so you can get your questions answered in between review calls.

Pin Profit Academy Training Vault
I’m not going to help you to create this and leave you alone for 30 days. I’m also giving you access to my Voxer or email access so you can get your questions answered in between review calls.

You’ll have access to over $3,870 dollars worth of Pinterest training and strategy, but, when you book your mentorship seat today you’ll get access to everything for a small investment of:

pay in full


one time payment

flexible plan


three monthly payments

We’re Heather Farris & Co, And Our Love Is For

We’re Heather Farris & Co and you guessed it…we love Pinterest, marketing, and making money using this incredible platform! We love it so much that we have helped hundreds of clients and students harness the power of Pinterest.

We can’t wait to transform your marketing strategy, traffic, leads, and sales using our favorite platform!

pinterest marketing!

What Business Owners Like You Ask Before Signing Up For Our Pin Profit Mentorship

How is this different than just a standard strategy session?

Typically a strategy session is 60-90 minutes long and you just get a recorded zoom of our chat. This goes so much deeper where I help you develop all the pieces of the strategy & hold you accountable while you begin your implementation.

Does this strategy cover ads?

So this mentorship was designed with organic Pinterest in mind.
If you want to use this same mentorship for ads then we need to have a further discussion, but yes we could do this same mentorship with ads instead of organic marketing.

I'm not very techy. Will this work for me?

Yes! And in fact, you’re the reason I created this program! I don’t think you should have to shell out thousands of dollars on a custom sales page before you’re ready just because you aren’t “techy”. I’ve created this mentorship to work for anyone, no matter how much marketing or graphic design experience they have. I really believe Pinterest is so much more of a workflow than a mystery.

Right now is a busy time for me, I’m worried I won’t have time! Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace?

This mentorship isn’t time heavy. We have our first call which is about 2 hours long. Then you get 3 follow-up 60 minute calls as well as voxer access. My goal is for you to spend 1-2 hours per week dedicated to implementing. We only start with Pinterest 101 activities and by the 90 day mark we are graduating to Pinterest 201 strategies.

Will you help me to adjust the workflow to work for our team?

We run our strategy out of Google Sheets and ClickUp. I can help you develop the same workflow in Trello or Asana if you need it.

If we have additional questions how do we communicate between coaching calls?

You will get access to Voxer or WhatsApp to send texts or voice notes.

How long will I have access to the content?

As long as the content is relevant & published on my site you can access it.

Will I need to invest in any other tools and trainings to create my strategy?

You may want to invest in Tailwind after working with us. Depending on your graphic design experience or confidence then you can always purchase Canva templates as well.

Do you help me to find and create the keyword strategy?

You betcha! (insert Minnesota accent)

Part of this mentorship is getting my brain & marketing experience in your business. I will help you develop the keyword strategy but I will also expect you to do the work too.

No free lunches!

Will you audit our current strategy to help us understand what is working or not?

I do take a look at what you’re currently doing. This is part of our onboarding process actually.

What niches have you dealt with on Pinterest?

Great question.

I have worked food bloggers, mom bloggers, finance coaches, e-commerce brands selling physical & drop-shipped goods, teachers, fashion & makeup influencers, marriage coaches, skincare/beauty brands, magazines … I honestly cannot think of them all.

We started working with Heather Farris as a direct result of a glowing introduction, and the experience has nothing short of fantastic. On day one, Heather rolled her sleeves up and got to work, immersing herself in our business, digging into our past Pinterest activities and history, and researching the industry. From there, she developed and delivered a killer strategy and worked hand-in-hand with my team in the most seamless and streamlined way, as if she had been a part of our company for years. Things got done quickly, communication has been top-notch, and we couldn’t be happier. She’s even dealt with a few curveballs we’ve thrown with ease. I couldn’t recommend her any more highly. 

- Matthew Lutz

Don’t Let Another Year Go By Without A Profitable Pinterest Strategy..

You’ve heard about Pinterest & how wonderful it can be to bring you those leads & sales on autopilot. 

I’m going to take you from clueless about the best practices on Pinterest to setting up & running your own framework that works for YOUR business goals.

With my framework that I teach in my DIY course & what we create and implement for clients inside our agency you will feel empowered & knowledgable about how to use this platform within your content and marketing strategy.

I’ve broken the entire strategy down into 5 pillars that remove the guesswork and shows you exactly what to do, when to do it & why you’re doing it that way.

You have zero excuses here since we help you craft the strategy & provide accountability for 90 days as you implement.

Pin Profit Mentorship Disclaimer

Something of this nature doesn’t really allow for a guarantee. So what I like to do instead is work with you to make this strategy fit your business. This is part of the reason you need to verify your audience is on Pinterest before booking your mentorship.

Pin Profit Mentorship Refund Disclaimer

We pour our heart, expertise, and strategies into each mentee. Due to the nature of this service it is important to note that this is a contractual service, all sales are final, and no refunds will be offered. Before committing to the investment please ensure you’re truly ready for the time it takes to see results and your financially ready to invest.

We love Pinterest, but we’re on the ‘Gram too!

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