Are you ready to have make more sales without creating new content every single day?

Good news... you don't need to rely on Facebook Ads because Pinterest can help!

The Pinterest Advertising Roadmap is here to help! This roadmap is exactly what you need to implement in order to attract those leads & sales into your business using strategic Pinterest Ads.

Here's what's you're going to learn...

  • How to find your audience including interests & keywords
  • How to setup your tracking pixels & events
  • How to easily create pins for your ads
  • How to optimize your ads for better performance
  • How to setup a reporting table so you can quickly find the data that matters the most
  • How your ads can empower your organic pins for years to come


valued at $197

But, I know friend... I know.

  • Have you wasted yet another month running Facebook ads with no results in sight?
  • Are you wanting to use Pinterest but not sure where to start? What even is the different in the campaign types? (Psst... I got you!)
  • Did you know your products & content on Pinterest can be found on Pinterest even after your ads are turned off?
  • How much do I need to spend? Should I run retargeting ads?
  • Do you want to be excited about testing ads for your business again?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, The Pinterest Advertising Roadmap is for you!

Pinterest isn't just another platform you should put on your "wishlist"... If your audience is primarily female then you need to be here. Pinterest users are 60% female with an average income of $70,000 per year! Pinterest pinners are on this platform to make buying decisions.

This platform drives conversions...

"With Heather’s help, I went from not knowing how to use Pinterest ads to grow my email list to generating new leads & tripwire sales in just a few months of testing & refining. Don't just expect this to take a month. Give it a real go and lean on Heather for help." -Ashley M.

The Pinterest Roadmap is going to teach you...

  • Exactly how to find your audience on Pinterest so that you can get yourself in front of them
  • Exactly how to build & optimize your Pinterest ads for the best performance
  • How to setup proper tracking so you can see your sales
  • Exactly how to create Pinterest images for ads without wasting hours in Canva
  • How your audience is interacting with your content based your ads data
  • How to run ads based on different strategies & scenarios like for e-commerce vs digital product sellers

Is this for you?

This isn't for you if...

  • You're expecting Pinterest to give you results as fast as the double cheeseburger goes out of the window at McDonald's
  • You aren't willing to roll up your sleeves & put in the effort on finding keywords, making images & testing ads for your brand
  • You don't want to use Pinterest
  • If you need to make an income right now and don't have money to invest in testing
  • You are impatient and can't adapt to the changes of paid ads

This is for you if....

  • You're ready to park your content somewhere that gets views for years to come
  • You have content that is searchable & provides value
  • You have products to sell (digital or physical) or you want to grow your email list
  • You're ready to diversify your traffic & income streams
  • You're ready to give more than Instagram & TikTok a real try
  • You're ready to see what Pinterest can do for your brand

The power of Pinterest from my students... 🤯

This is the second Pinterest program that I have been a part of. The first was one of the most well-known and popular. The Pin Profit Academy outshines this course because Heather is so willing to help. It has helped me to understand in more detail how to leverage the Platform for success.

-Brittany M.

 I approached Heather for Pinterest because I heard her on a podcast and I knew she knew her stuff!! She helped me by encouraging me and equipping me with what I needed to get started on Pinterest early on in my business journey. The result was greater traffic to my website. I found her training to be practical and clear cut. I would recommend Heather to anyone who needs support in their Pinterest marketing strategy. - Lindsay L.

What you get...

Finally a clear path forward to get more leads & sales into your business without getting lost in the Facebook Business Manager again...

  • The Pinterest Advertising Roadmap in a single course dashboard so you can quit Googling your questions
  • The Pinterest Advertising Roadmap Google Sheet with tabs for analytics tracking, keyword tracking, automatic UTM generator so that you can properly track what matters
  • Pinterest strategy videos for various ads strategies that you can implement right away
  • Video explainers showing you what to do & how to do it so there is no guessing


valued at $197

Get a sneak peek inside


Digital product seller in the teaching niche

Physical product seller in luxury goods

Content creator running lead gen only ads on Pinterest

Licensed professional running lead gen only ads on Pinterest

But that's not all... get these exclusive bonuses.

  • ChatGPT Prompt Templates: Quickly writing your Pinterest titles & descriptions ($37 value)
  • Ads Templates: 5 Free Pinterest Templates for Canva ($17 value)
  • Exclusive Training: How to create full funnel Pinterest ads strategy ($97 value)


valued at $197


Will this help me with Pinterest organic marketing?

No, this is really meant for fully paid marketing on Pinterest. If you want organic knowledge you can join Pin Profit Academy.

Will this help me if...

  • My business is e-commerce? Yes, this is the perfect foundation for even product sellers. This is the exact strategy I use for all of my e-commerce clients.
  • My business is digital products? Yes, you will find what you need inside to run digital product Pinterest ads.

Is there anything I need beyond what is inside to be successful on Pinterest?

Sure, but everything you need to build your foundations & truly get started on Pinterest is here. You can implement these things regularly and not pay for anything else for a while & still see success.



valued at $197