Are you wondering how to get traffic to your YouTube Channel? You’ve probably been following all of the experts on marketing your YouTube channel. You’ve got great SEO (hopefully), you’re publishing regularly, you share it on Facebook… but what else? A lot of YouTuber’s I have come across don’t utilize a Pinterest Marketing strategy to […]

Pinterest Marketing

April 5, 2019

How To Get Traffic To Your YouTube Channel Using Pinterest Marketing

Do you repurpose your content for Pinterest? Imagine a world where you didn’t have to create new content for every single platform you share your blog posts to. I bet I can take a stab at what you do currently… You write a blog post and publish it. Then share it once to each platform you […]

Pinterest Marketing

January 4, 2019

How to Repurpose Content for Pinterest

Are you wondering why you aren’t making any movement on Pinterest with your business? Chances are you’re making one or more of these 11 mistakes. Today I’m diving deep into the 11 mistakes businesses make on Pinterest and how you can fix them. I’m going to assume you already know the rookie mistakes you’re making. Some of […]

Pinterest Marketing

December 20, 2018

Content Marketing on Pinterest: 11 Mistakes Businesses Make on Pinterest

Content Marketing on Pinterest

Are you wondering how to create a Pinterest Marketing Strategy Routine so you can stay consistent on Pinterest? This is one of the most common questions I get or pain points my clients tell me they have. “I am not consistent.” “I don’t know what to do after I hit publish.” “I pin to my […]

Pinterest Marketing

December 13, 2018

How to Create a Pinterest Marketing Strategy Routine to Stay Consistent

When you are crafting a Pinterest content strategy you may quickly become overwhelmed by all of the things you need to do to just get a pin online.

Pinterest Marketing

November 29, 2018

7 Things Missing in Your Pinterest Content Strategy