February 16, 2024

What is the best Pinterest marketing strategy, and how can it help me grow my small business? This is the question that I am going to be covering today. I am going to explain how a Pinterest marketing strategy can benefit your small business, what’s vital for this year, and leading into every year moving […]

January 18, 2024

For years people like you & I have been wondering how to build a Pinterest traffic strategy. Now you may be wondering, Heather why are you wondering how to do this when you run an entire Pinterest agency? Good question and here’s my short answer… the Pinterest algorithm is always changing and my team & […]

August 13, 2023

pinterest trends keyword tool

The Pinterest Trends Tool remains a mystery to a lot of my students & clients. While it’s not absolutely necessary to use this tool for your Pinterest keyword research I would say you should use it for another vital piece of your strategy. I want to show you the importance of using Pinterest Trends & […]

May 11, 2023

If I were to start a Pinterest account in 2022, there would be a lot of things that I would not do. These four things might surprise you.

We love Pinterest, but we’re on the ‘Gram too!

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